Friday, August 13, 2010

School Starts

Friday, August 13, 2010

The weather has still been very hot with some days high humidity and there has been some rain showers but nothing to complain about The grandchildren are back in school Ariana as of the second of August and Zane started kindergarten on the ninth. They are in all year school with time off through the school year, July was Ariana's summer break (track 4) there are four tracks with one track always off and July 4, week no school and grade advancement. Last Friday we had lunch with Cindy, Mexican & Sunday she came over to Christine's for dinner.

Because of the split start in school Buster moved over to Christine & John's driveway so grandparents could do child watching before we move on. The top picture is Buster parked in the driveway. And a picture of them leaving the bus.

We start Busters trip west with a stop in Virginia to visit with Irene & Larry then on to Indiana for the Escapees Club Elk members Rally with the next week Escapees Club 50TH Escapade (rally). Buster is then headed to Iowa for some repairs to Buster's jacks and Sally's towbar at their manufacturers. From there we might swing up to Euclid, MN before heading to The Ranch in New Mexico.

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