Sunday, August 1, 2010

Softball Saturday

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grandma on right side

The top picture today is Buster in Moncure,NC. The weather has changed, more comfortable with cooler temperatures and some rain. June & July 2010, 52 of 61 days the high temperature was 90 degrees or above and very dry low humidity. It was just plain hot, uncomfortable weather and not what we expected. Last Wednesday we woke up to a nice all day rain with us staying in and getting some inside things done.

Fuquay Varina Team in Field
Monday and Tuesday we recovered from the softball weekend I did some work for Busters slide outs for the storage compartments (2) there were only sheet metal screws holding them in place and the weight on them when rolled out was causing the screws to pull out. I replaced them with thru bolts.

Ariana Bunting

Saturday was another softball experience, watching the clouds coming in we had sprinkles on and off throughout the day. Ariana and the Fuquay Varina Bombs team (10 Under) had a big day before them. This tournament was scheduled as a one day event with two "pool games" basically warmups that do not count. These are timed one hour and fifteen minutes. The bracket games (4) this week for a total of six games in one day, a lot for the girls. These games are also timed one hour and fifteen minutes with the home team ahead in score game ends, They finished in second place in this tournament.  

Ariana Red 11

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