Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Ranch - BoD

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico West of the Pacos River 37 degrees partly cloudy, to mostly sunny to 72 degrees.

We had an early BoD (board of directors) meeting for the co-op's 2011 budget that went an hour and three quarters for q page and a half. With the same amount to cover next Wednesday. Then a members only town hall meeting at ten discussing dogs barking and other park issues.
The Paddock Café
At one there was chili chapter #23 luncheon at the Paddock Café east of Artesia. Chili is an Escapees club sub group, consisting of the state of New Mexico. Twenty three is Escapees numbering and chili is our group name the club chose as we are in chili pepper region.

Chili Chapter #23 Lunch
There were twenty eight people in attendance at the luncheon . There were four visitors with the group. The chapter is having a casual camp out at Brantley Lake State park and some are camping there some are coming for the day only. We are only driving Sally down on Thursday for the chapter meeting and pot luck supper after the meeting.

Chili Chapter #23 Lunch
Brantley Lake State park (part of the Pacos River) is south of the SKP park about 5 miles along US 285.

The boys lost again (15 - 6 girls). We the boys (George, Don & Art) started poorly and caught up to the girls, (Bonnie, Doris & Sherry) by lost the last round.

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