Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Ranch

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico West of the Pacos River 36 degrees partly sunny. There was a message on the white board in the ranch house saying there were giving flu shots in Artesia today at the senior center nine to two. I attended mens coffee nine to ten and water meeting at ten in the ranch house. After that there were men working on a water leak near the park office. There was enough workers I just giving my support. There was a tee fitting that had a small leak that is repaired and we will keep the hole open a few days to insure the repaired area is dry before backfilling the hole.

By the time we got to Artesia and purchased propane gas then to the senior center it was just before noon. They were closing for lunch. We went to Wally world for a few things. Back at the senior center at one they said no they had flu shots there last week flu shots are being given at the adult day care center.

Bonnie was able to get a picture of one of our neighbors today. The picture is taken looking northwest thru Busters front windshield. There is a privacy sun screen on the windshield and the picture is taken thru that other wise the picture would be clear.
Our Neighbors
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The boys won tonight (19 - 9 girls). We the boys (George & Art) the girls Bonnie, Judy & Sherry. Don & Doris went to the Indian Casino today coming back late.

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