Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Ranch - Ding Dong

Monday, March 21, 2011
The Ranch Lakewood, New Mexico 46 degrees mostly sunny to 87 degrees partly sunny and wind gusts. Did not do much outside as the wind is no fun to work outside in. Research for our travel east was started.

Again today I was the "Ding a Ling" for Happy Hour inviting returning lease holders to come up to the front and telling about their recent trip. Any visitors are also invited to tell us how long they are staying where they came from and anything they wish to add.

Bell on a pole outsife the office
The Ranch is noted by Escapees RV Club as a friendly park and greats arriving rigs with ringing a bell outside the office to have others in the park to come and greet the arriving escapees with hugs. To begin the Happy Hour by ringing another smaller bell and open the more formal talking the "Ding a Ling" rings a smaller bell bringing the meeting to order.

We ask attendees to raise a hand for birthdays or anniversaries and sing to them. We ask if there any announcements and invite departing escapees to tell of their planned trip then sing Happy Trails.

The boys are doing well so far winning Mexican Train four nights in a row.

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