Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oakland, CA

Thursday, March 3, 2011
San Leandro, Ca Trailer Haven 54 degrees and, mostly sunny to 61 degrees a nice day.
I went over to Carole's and went to the school with Avery to see the drop off and then went to the auto store with Jackie as tire chains are needed going to Lake Tahoe where their conference is. There was snow up in the mountains when we had the rain here the other day.

Merry our cat hidding
Latter we went over to the house and were ready for the pickup in the afternoon. We also brought our cat Merry with us as we are staying over six nights. Merry has a lot of adjusting to so as there is a cat in the house and two large dogs. This is all outside of her comfort zone and we will work something out. The dogs will not bother Merry and she is a fast runner. There was a lot of hiding and non eating for Merry. One hidding place from those big dogs was in the bathroom behine the bowl.
Cloud bank below

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