Tuesday, March 15, 2011

San Carlos, Arizona

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mesa, Arizona 63 degrees mostly sunny to 89 degrees

US 60 eastbound into Globe, AZ
Ordering a circuit board that controls the electric going to the air conditioners from Coachman located in Elkhart, Indiana area. Well that did not work out and an order was tried from a electronics manufacturer did not work either. We have both air conditioners working what Buster does not have is the automatic circuit protection when connected to 30 amp electric service (shore power). There is manual protection if George does the correct work before turning on shore power.

We paid our bill for the troubleshooting the air conditioner and a battery connection problem. The battery problem was also only partly solved. The battery interconnect solenoid gets power two ways one from a switch on the dash panel and from the ignition switch when the key is on. The dash panel switch had a bad fuse, replaced the fuse and panel switch works fine. The key switch the voltage does not get to the solenoid. I will run a wire latter to fix that.

US 60 eastbound
The slide topper awnings will best be replaced with new material. I will handle that next winter with better planning.
So we cleaned up Buster to move down the road leaving RV Renovators about noon local time.

We stopped for the day in San Carlos, AZ at Arizona Gold Casino 78 miles down the road on US 60 then US 70. Temperature 82 degrees and mostly sunny.

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