Monday, May 14, 2012

Austin, TX - Austin Lone Star Carefree RV Park

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Austin, TX - Austin Lone Star Carefree RV Park, 67 degrees and partly sunny to 70 degrees and mostly rain. The drought is broken, lakes are filling, puddles are everywhere. We are waterlogged with the rain we have been here, wow. We had started to take Avery to the Austin Zoo but that got rained out, not today. We ended up at a half empty enclosed mall, stores closed for lack of business but there is still plenty of traffic on the major routes here.

Walking around for us and riding the kids rides for Avery at least it was dry. Latter we went to dinner in town on the outside patio meeting a couple of friends who brought their dog, of Carole and Jackie on the way home to Buster there was a stop at Walmart for a few things and gas for Silver Sally. As we were coming out of walmart the rain started again for the rest of the night even knocking out live television signal reception. It has been a long time since rain interrupted our television signal here in Buster.

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