Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big Spring, Texas - Texas RV Park of Big Spring,

Monday, May 14, 2012
Brady, Texas - Heart Of Texas RV Park, 59 degrees and partly sunny. Buster gets a drink today diesel is $3.959. Did not get a good fill last time as the pump shutoff at $150.00 and the tank was close to full I did not bother to top it off. Today I just put fifty gallons in and will top off tomorrow in Big Spring. That way when Buster gets to the Ranch there will be more in the tank while parked, a good thing. We had no internet connection here as I turned off the air card and the phone had no data connection, proberly not a Verizon wireless area. There were only two bars on the phone.
Texas US 87 north
US 87 north going to Big Spring, TX
Big Spring, Texas - Texas RV Park of Big Spring, 69 degrees and rain. Well what do you know we are going to get wet in Big Spring, TX., a rain shower as we pull into the camp site to setup Buster. In these pictures you can see the rain to the left and I thought we might miss this cloud but it was moving in our direction. One hundred sixty-four miles for Buster north northwest travel today, divided four lane light traffic my kind of driving. The terrain is changing towards the desert, more cactus plants are seen per mile traveled north northwest today. This park has wifi a bit slow but better than nothing.

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