Monday, May 7, 2012

Fort Stockton, TX

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fort Stockton, TX - Parkview RV Park, 71 degrees and sunny going cloudy traveling down the road. Actually that was the good news as Buster is traveling east southeast puts the sun into the big windshields creating heat so the cloudy cut the sun back and it was a good driving day. We started before ten this morning headed east on interstate ten, two hundred miles. Up to 93 degrees all day. Fort Stockton, TX is the junction of two main roads of our trip US 285 and interstate ten.
Buster and Silver Sally parked in Junction, TX
Junction, TX - Segovia River RV Park a hot dry 93 degrees and partly cloudy there is nothing here, Buster is ten miles east of Junction and there is only 30 amp electric. That means we can run only one air conditioner. One will not keep up with the heat, no shade and just soaking up the sun. I turned on the generator and ran the generator and two air conditioners for a few hours thus cooling Buster. There was one other rig here.

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