Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Original Ranch, Lakewood, NM - water

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
The Original Ranch, Lakewood, New Mexico 68 degrees and mostly sunny to 93 degrees and mostly sunny.

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Dig we must, (Mike, John and I) to control our water. There were three leaking pipes in the hole at the edge of the old laundry building. Richard said there was a spaghetti explosion there, pipes going in many directions for many different things. There was one pipe that was to just one sink in the kitchen, rumor has it as a soft water pipe to the original laundry.

Richard and I completed the rabbit wire around the new launday building. The grey water recovery system is now complete. We still need to build the small deck outside the west door. There is a cabinet needed in the bathroom for cleaning supplies then finish raking the outside grounds. Thank you to Lucy and Keitha (a visitor) for weeding the other day. Thank you to Charlotte and Dennis for the donation of the appliance mover used to move the washing machines and dryers.

At four o'clock Bonnie and I went to happy hour at the ranch house.

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