Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holly Springs, North Carolina

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Holly Springs, North Carolina 44 degrees and rain to 50 degrees and mostly cloudy.

Buster is getting ready to travel tomorrow, a slow day today resting up for the drive south and warmer weather.

Snow road in the Guadalupe’s
Last year was different type of year for Bonnie and I as I was president of the co-op board of directors and I stayed close to the ranch. The term of the office was one year starting in November first Wednesday. We took our winter trip, but shorter time leaving the ranch later in December, getting snow going over the mountains in Texas, The Guadalupe’s at six thousand feet a wet snow falling for twenty miles, I just held a slow steady speed weaving around some stopped vehicles, the windshield fogging up but not stopping.

Apachie Junction

Avery, George, Jackie and Carole
After that just cold and rain most of the way to Deming, NM where we stopped for the next two nights. Then we continued on to Arizona spending the remainder of the trip there. Carole, Jackie and Avery stopped in Mesa for a few nights before continuing on to Oakland, California. We went to Yuma, a couple of times and Quartzsite and back to Phoenix area before heading back to the ranch.

Superbowl Sunday
We traveled to Austin, Texas for the first time in may for a week and another week of travel time, other than that we (Buster) were at the ranch Lakewood, NM. Twelve hundred and twenty six miles to Arizona trip and nine hundred and eighty eight miles for Austin.

The summer was spent building out a shed for the ranch laundry room. The shell was purchased and we the ranch members finished the inside.
Avery in Austin
Then the long way to get here to North Carolina. Back thru Austin staying awhile there and slowly moving across to Memphis and detouring into Kentucky and down to Raccoon Valley Escapees RV park above Knoxville, TN. Then slowly on to Holly Springs. Forty three hundred and forty-two miles for the year less than half the miles of the year before that was over ninety-five hundred miles.

Unfinished shed

Finished Laundry room


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