Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kingsland, Georgia Kiki RV Park

Friday, January 4, 2013

Saint George, South Carolina 34 degrees and mostly cloudy, fog. Well it was five degrees warmer this morning than our last location and there is a cold front in the southeast. In Lakewood, NM there is "SNOW" shower forecast, no thank you I will take my current location as it moves south again today.
I 95 south in SC
Kingsland, Georgia Kiki RV Park 59 degrees and partly sunny. One hundred and eighty-seven miles for Buster traveling south on interstate ninety-five with Georgia on his mind. First was on the way out of the RV stop to fill the Diesel ($3.829) tank and then the propane gas tank at Flying J time consuming but convenient, then all travel. The traffic was easier in Georgia as the road opened to three lanes.
Merry (our cat 18 yrs) worried about traffic

I 95 south in GA


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