Monday, October 7, 2013

“The Gate” Batesville, Texas Oct 4 - 6

Friday, October 4, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 73 degrees and partly sunny and humid to 97 degrees and mostly sunny but the humidity went down.

Friday Sunrise
White plastic fuel tank

Kind of a slow day compared to the past two days not as much in and out traffic, but traffic picked up late afternoon ending with a days good average. This helps us pass the time here at the gate as low traffic makes the day drag on and for Bonnie the nights are harder to keep awake.

Just about dark tonight the generator fuel and our water delivery came. Now the water tank gets emptied and a pressure water is sprayed inside to brake up any growth inside then filled with fresh water. Even the
White plastic fuel tank inside the yellow generator gets refueled.
Buster repositioned
Saturday, October 5, 2013
"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 74 degrees and mostly cloudy and humid to 95 degrees and mostly sunny. There were the normal early birds and a few tankers hauling out oil. The trucks that haul out water seem to come at night and not as often as the other gate Bonnie and I were at in the spring.

For us and Buster it was a busy day as I wanted to reposition Buster back about ten feet and while rolling back to have the wheel turned to the right swinging the rear closer to the road. This part is for the sun shading the right side in the afternoon. All this is a minor adjustment. All of our utilities electric and fresh water were at their maximum and one extension cord was just too much on the edge. Now all this had to wait until Bonnie was up from sleeping and ready for work. I had to letdown the jacks and clear everything from around Buster ensuring there was nothing in the way. I needed to get this move done before I put any water into the black water tank that is on the ground, that I repositioned also if I waited it would be two weeks before the tank was empty again.

We have electronic driveway alarms for there in and out traffic, well the out has been problem and after repositioning it a little closer to Buster and changing the battery I was ready to give up until tonight I thought of another position to try and it has been working better since. Then I went to Pearsall, TX to H E B grocery store trying to catch up on can goods getting some but not all we wanted. Thirty four miles one way to Pearsall on skinny state highways gasoline there is $3.14

Sunday, October 6, 2013
"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 60 degrees and thunder storms to 81 degrees and mostly sunny. There was a wet night thunder showers and puddles in the road with clearing as the day went on. The rain cooled everything off a real nice day temperature wise.

So today is NASCAR from Kansas and football, mostly the race but there was some football also. A light day traffic wise but they keep coming and going and turning some away that do not know where they are supposed to be reporting to.


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