Sunday, November 17, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas Nov 15 & 16

Friday, November 15, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 52 degrees and mostly sunny to 78 degrees and mostly sunny.

Today was interesting as a water tank truck came looking for a place and English language was not his strong suite. Turns out they are re-grating the caliche road from the gate out to the paved road (FM 117). The water was to be used after grading and rolling the road. My gate vehicle traffic is just daily well checking and crude oil removal and water that comes up with the oil is separated and disposed of at the proper facility.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 60 degrees and mostly cloudy and fogy to 84 degrees and mostly sunny. It was humid most of the day even after the fog burned off in the late morning.

College football watching Florida State Seminoles win their game. I went to Pearsall shopping in H E B and brought back Bar B Q brisket for tonight’s dinner. I started just after two o’clock trying to have Bonnie wake in time for the game that started here at two-thirty. The drive back the sky was painted with the sum’s rays and was a nice view.

Switch off key removed, towing position

Well I received a comment to my post on the battery switch and have decided to reply here in this post, thank you Wil.

I have no idea but the choices I have are as follows. Going back in time the switch was installed in July and the first noted problem was in September 24 I had the left the electric rear hatch back open and lights were on. Later when we were going to town I closed the back and not enough left in the battery to start as the solenoid would not stay energized.

I put a battery charger on for some minutes and started ok on the return trip no problem the next day mid afternoon again there was a problem to start but this time I got a jump start. That day I purchased the new battery. Since that time I have been more careful with the rear door as the electrical load could be a problem. Now the only other high load I think there could have been would be supplying a jump start to someone else. Yes it was definitely a load issue maybe the attempt using the remote start was the last straw.


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