Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"The Gate" Batesville, Texas Nov 25

Monday, November 25, 2013
Sunset after three days of clouds
"The Gate" Batesville, Texas 38 degrees and cloudy with rain showers to 47 degrees and cloudy. Late in the day today the sun peaked out then was hidden by these clouds in the picture. The most sun in three days.

One of the crude oil trucks has gotten stuck on the pad loading oil, this rainy wet weather is making the place a muddy mess. Normally it takes them from fifty minutes to and hour and twenty minutes from going in the gate to coming out the gate. The truck was there over four hours stuck in the mud. I made a run to Pearsall for drinking water food and mail a letter yesterday after Bonnie got up from her sleep. Our caliche road is a mess there are mud holes every so often the road is passable but a mess. The top or surface is like a sloppy mess where the water collects.

Today I took a "selfie" picture outside in our "work area" there has been talk on the television of selfie being included in new dictionaries. Bonnie suggested I post a selfie on the blog.


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  1. Great job on the selfie! Now it's Bonnie's turn. :)