Monday, March 3, 2014

Calliham, Texas - Buster’s Gate Feb 28

Thursday, February 27, 2014
Calliham, Texas - Buster's Gate 34 degrees and cloudy, rain to 50 degrees and cloudy overcast and showers.

More settling in today for Buster. The drill rig and support equipment coming in for the third day. Six bunkhouse trailers were brought in yesterday with their support systems, water sewer and fuel. The yellow furl tank is full with three hundred gallons of diesel fuel for the generator, set and filled yesterday. There is another company building a pad a half mile in on the left side for building some sort of facility. They are not working today so there is less confusion as to who gets signed in here, that company logs their own truck and suppliers so I do not log them.

Friday, February 28, 2014
Calliham, Texas - Buster’s Gate 48 degrees and cloudy, rain to 80 degrees and mostly sunny.
Early Sunrise
The number of gate enter and exit slowed down some today but the company building  another pad was back and they had belly dump trucks scheduled for mid day but they have their own gate guard. Both of us worked from our table taking care of business and having each other company to pass the slow time. That company doing the dirt work has only a ten hour day seven-thirty to five-thirty. Tuesday and Wednesday the person doing the gate log for the dirt company was in the pickup truck outside the gate and when the second trip for the belly dump comes in it was hard to tell if he was logging or if that was for me to log. Ryan was easy to coordinate the trucks for a nice smooth easy day.

Latter Sunrise

More Equipment coming in
Note the trailer axles, five these can carry very heavy loads and I have not noticed these type trailers in other places, but here in the pucker-brush oilfields there a standard use trailer.

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