Friday, March 7, 2014

Calliham, Texas - Buster’s Gate Mar 3 - 4

Monday, March 3, 2014
Calliham, Texas - Buster’s Gate 31 degrees and mostly cloudy, rain to 50 degrees and mostly cloudy.

Dirt company was here again with their own gate person, he was in a pickup truck and I stayed inside Buster as the temperature was too cold to socialize outside. It is Monday so our traffic increased and will ramp up even more over the week as they go into drilling the move in of the rig is complete and now the setup and actual drilling will start.

Looking southeast at Buster

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Calliham, Texas - Buster’s Gate 34 degrees and cloudy, rain to 50 degrees and partly sunny. There was a front move thru last night with a heavy rain shower that was enough to wake me just after midnight. There were more light showers during the morning.

Because of the rain the dirt workers canceled for the day other wise there would have a high number of the belly dump trucks for me to check in and out. Bonnie has had more than she had at the other Gates the past few nights. There has been no napping for her during the night.

The generator company came and replaced our generator this afternoon, the first one had all 120 volt receptacles broken. There is a need to plug in outside lights, fresh water pump and sewer sump pump. The lights are three plugs and they are teed together for power

More equipment going in the the drill site

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