Friday, July 3, 2015

Holly Springs, NC - Busters Place - JUN 30 - JUL 1

Holly Springs, NC - Busters Place - Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Morning 70 Degrees, Wind SW 1 Mph, Humidity 81%, Partly sunny morning.
Afternoon 92 Degrees high for today, Wind SW 6 & gusting to 13 Mph, Humidity 55%, partly sunny and thunder showers moved in after six o’clock tonight. A good rain “watered the grass and filled the pool”.

Puttering around Buster cleaning out the dirt and dust in Buster’s basement compartments. It is nice working here as we are on the cement pad and easy to get around in the under the slide out compartments. I still have two more to work on to complete that job.

One inch magnets in the hem seam 

Holly Springs, NC - Busters Place - Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Morning 73 Degrees, Wind SW 3 & gusting to 9 Mph, Humidity 97%, cloudy morning.
Afternoon 86 Degrees high for today, Wind SSW 4 & gusting to 9 Mph, Humidity 84%, Partly sunny.   Afternoon thunder showers are in our weather forecast but they held off tonight with only overcast sky’s, meaning it got dark sooner.
Magnets One inch on the left 1/2 on the right

I have had the one inch diameter magnets for a while and worked the left side sun shade panel today. Getting the magnets in the top hem seem just made it, these are thinner than the 1/2 inch, more like a wafer. I put one in the center end (center of Buster) and two on the outer end of the panel. Inside of the glass I am continuing to use the smaller magnets. The larger diameter will help prevent them from being blown off in the Texas high wind. Right side tomorrow. Inside I am also changing the reflectix foil we use inside. Two of the three sections we use inside were only twenty-four inch wide taped together, these needed support rods to stand up some times. The forty-eight inch stand up better. Another job I had to stop as the sun was bearing down on the work area.
Center & right panel done

Bonnie and I then went out for "Retail therapy" we were able to go to five different stores for different things, some stuck to our fingers and came home with us. We even had lunch out as we were hungry after only three stores.

Practice for Ariana tonight, we did that also as the team is new to us and different coaches. We liked the workout of situation defense practice the girls got for each position, as all the girls took pop-ups and grounders at each infield position. They also participated in relaying fly balls caught in the outfield to home base. The coaches also got a good workout hitting all these softballs out the the girls. Bonnie and I also visited with another girls parents Brain and Tracy as the girls have been playing softball together for years.

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