Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Holly Springs, NC - Busters Place - Aug 9 - 18

Holly Springs, NC - Busters Place - Sunday, August 9, 2015

A day of recovery, we did too much and a rest day for today, and we are laying low this week . i need to finish some maintenance I have been putting off with the high heat. Bonnie and i also need to make plans to head west for the winter.

We have had some warm days and rain days close to what anyone would like. It is not getting to the high nineties like we had in July but the low nineties and high eighties. I have been lazy watching television and not doing anything, or the heat sucking the energy out of me. The week of the twenty first I started making a plan for getting Buster moving on next month. This meant I need to get some projects done inside and out. I started with the out as we had nice weather and completed the cleaning of the last compartment. Inside the cabinets above the J lounge are separating from the top of the slide out. This also happened to the cabinets above the computer desk a couple of years ago. I just need to remove the weight inside and prop up then install additional screws.

Ariana’s team has changed with new girls coming on the team and some moving on to to other things in life. Others have joined other teams for age reasons, moving up. There are other Challenger Teams, there are many more different age groups and a high school “National” Team, drawing players and playing nationally.

The Saturday the fifteenth she attended a Challenger team tryout with Sunday a three-hour scrimmage game. Thru the spring she will stay with the same team but will “guest play” with the Challenger National Team at some games (going only as far as New Jersey.

The twenty-second was a tournament weekend and tuned out we only had one day of play as the girls did not have it. They were flat no spirited energy to play. The three games started good but they ran out of energy making errors, they did not put “hits together” leaving runners on base. Ariana played short stop and second base mostly. the third game was late and after dinner. The catcher was sick and Ariana replaced her but there were only nine there at the field and they played the rest of the game a player short. there were only two outfielders.

Ariana  # 42

Catching the third game

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