Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Holly Springs, NC - Busters Place - Saturday, August 1 - 8

Holly Springs, NC - Busters Place - Saturday, August 1 - 8, 2015
Nothing to write, writer block, no doing nothing to write about, just hanging out doing routine things like shopping for groceries.

This week I was picking Ariana up at the high school as she was taking a one week course in drivers education. But the last day I took her in to school and her mother did the pickup after a ninth grade orientation that started after the drivers education class ended.
Wednesday Bonnie and I were going to watch Ariana practice at the softball field and got a call it was canceled. So we continued on to a grocery store. Not just any grocery, Publix Grocery of Florida is expanding into North Carolina with locations in Raleigh and Cary. We went to the Cary store for a walk around and just a few things stuck to our fingers.
Does not look like beach weather
Saturday is a beach day, Fort Fisher State Beach. It is a two and a half hour ride each way to get there. After working our way to interstate forty, just ride in that to the east until the end and go another twenty two miles after Kure Beach. Friday our high temperature was in the low eighties and Saturday at the beach was in the high seventies with a lot of overcast sky. While driving out there was light rain but the forecast was for clearing late morning. It never was sunny but there was no rain while there at the beach. After beach tine we went to the North Carolina Aquarium for short visit, that is just beyond the state beach
On the way rest area, Does not look like beach weather

At the beach, Does not look like beach weather
At the Aquarium there are displays for above the water, and there is also a ypung bald eagle at feeding time.

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