Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Cindy our (third) daughter has her birthday this month, we were told by Christine she is planning a surprise dinner at P F Chang restaurant on the 26TH for Cindy we called Christine that day to find out what time to meet at the restaurant. Christine said we will meet at here house 5:15 PM, and drive there together. Would you know we arrived early and screwed up everything. I told bonnie 5 and we should be there on time. We arrived about 4:30 PM, and the surprise was on us, as we drove into there street I saw my older sister Irene run across the driveway into the house and Christine came to the car to talk to us and Cindy's car was there. That did not make sense to me as Cindy lives closer to the restaurant than Christine and it nice of Irene to come to Cindy's dinner. Well the dinner was for George & Bonnie 45TH Anniversary which was in May. (Click on pictures to enlarge, click return button to return to post)

Cindy & Paco
Another couple came, Ed & Laraine Falkiewicz, on long island Cindy & Christine were on a track team and Ed was the coach, the are living in Raleigh now. This was the first time they came over to Christine's house, and it was a fine evening.


Ed & Laraine Falkiewicz

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