Wednesday, July 21, 2010


July... This catching up with what we have done is taxing my memory some. We have slowed down on some of the running here and running there taking more time to rest with Buster. We did do a "beach trip" with John Chris Ariana & Zane.

Tuesday the children had a swim meet very hot long evening. Wednesday the 7TH we drove with Sally and John drove the family in the pickup (4 wheel drive) at the beach Sally got parked in a paved lot and we all loaded into the pickup to take everything out to the waters edge, a lot easier. While there we visited Fort Fisher civil war museum. Thursday evening we took in a minor league baseball game coming back Friday. (That's Ariana gogles & pink cap)
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 For some reason I cannot explain the camera was there resting, no pictures and the computers stayed with Buster.
Cindy was kind enough to visit with Merry (Miss Kitty) at Buster both evenings while we were at the beach.

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