Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Ranch

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
The SKP Ranch Lakewood New Mexico West of the Pacos River 21 degrees mostly sunny to 52 degrees today.
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Propane Tank (Valve in center)
Mens coffee today and water committee meeting.

We went to Artesia for propane gas. I try to keep Busters tank full and use external tanks while parked here at The Ranch. In January 2009 I installed an extend a stay valve on Buster after the tank shutoff and before the regulator at the propane tank with a flex hose to connect the external propane gas tanks. When not using the external tank I cap the end of the hose with a hard pressure cap and tie the hose to structure. I have a twenty and a thirty pound tanks to store the propane. Buster's tank valve has been closed since we arrived in October with a full tank of propane gas.
External Tanks
Tonight the train rested and we (Don & Doris, Art & sherry, George & Bonnie ) went to Artesia for dinner and then to the high school for a Annie Moses Band concert with the area churches combined choir. There were at least twenty one from The Ranch in the audience and one in the choir Norm P. back row on the right.

Norm P back row right

A row of Ranch Hands

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