Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Ranch

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico West of the Pacos River 27 degrees mostly sunny, to 68 degrees. The early morning weather forecast on the television said there will be gusting winds in the eastern part of the state and the weather map showed this area in that wind. Eleven thirty they came gusting for 3 or four hours recorded high was 42 MPH. The Albuquerque stations cover the whole state
East end of The Ranch
Mens coffee Tuesday with a water committee meeting after that. Back to Buster for lunch then a document committee meeting at two and Happy hour at four.

The boys won tonight (28 - 19 girls). The girls (Bonnie, Doris, Judy & Sherry) won the double twelve. We the boys (George, Don, Art & Jim) Art won the second round from the girls. We were ahead all night. Going into the double blank we were ahead but the girls won the double blank with the boys winning the game (Mexican train domino's).

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