Monday, December 13, 2010

The Ranch

Monday, December 13, 2010
The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico West of the Pecos River 25 degrees mostly sunny, to 71 degrees.

Packing up Day
Final packing day for Buster and putting things away in the shed that we are not taking with us. Took the tire shields off and stowed them under Buster. Uncovered the tow bar stowing the cover under Buster. Put the chairs and table in Sally.

Happy Hour December
We were at happy hour tonight and said our good-by's and see you in Arizona to many friends (SKP's) there are a lot (6) of rig's pulling out tomorrow. The close of happy hour is our singing of "Happy Trails" and waving to all present.

The Tire covers are off
I did an engine check tonight raising the jacks building air pressure and checking oil pressure. Took down and stowed the windshield covers.

The girls (Bonnie, Doris, Sherry & Judy) won tonight. The boys (Art, Don & George) won 23 and lost 29. Art & Sherry, Don & Doris and Jim & Judy will be here playing the rest of the winter and George & Bonnie will return in March.

Jim & Judy are off the end of the week for Washington state for a grandchild fix. Art & Sherry will go to Deming for Doctor visits in January.

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