Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Ranch

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico West of the Pecos River 25 degrees mostly sunny, to 64 degrees.

Town hall meeting at ten today discussing documents used when memberships are transferred to a new member.

Then a twelve thirty Chili chapter luncheon in Carlsbad we had a separate room for our luncheon meeting about twenty six attendees. Yes we are in town so  a trip to Wally is in order, it is twenty five miles to Carlsbad so you pickup anything that you might need or not have to make a separate trip there or Artesia.

Happy hour at four back at The Ranch, we are busy people here at The Ranch.

Cows at The Ranch
We need to go traveling to slow down. We are awaiting some prescriptions then it is off to Deming, New Mexico for a few nights. While there we will have our eyes checked in Las Palomas, Mexico just across the boarder from Deming. Then it is on to Mesa and Scottsdale Arizona for Christmas.

We played four people tonight at train as Bonnie & Doris went to bible study.

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