Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Gila Bend, Arizona 33 degrees mostly sunny to 60 degrees today. Sunrise in Gila Bend.
Holt's RV Park
Travel day Gila Bend to Quartzsite, Arizona 139 miles for Buster on AZ 85 northbound and interstate 10 westbound 19 miles from California. We went to check on the awning shop and they do not do the work we want.

AZ 85 Northbound

I 10 Westbound into Quartzsite, AZ
So it was off to the solar dealer and we have an appointment for 9 AM tomorrow to add one more panel, Buster will then have three. We were going to stay there on their lot we thought the paper attached to the information page said it was ok to park there. But the staple was thru the NO parking on the lot overnight. We took Buster to Scadden Wash as Buster turned in there we noticed two Ranch hands (Rigs from the SKP Ranch in New Mexico) John & Trudie T and Bob & Jean S.

Buster, John's an Bob's Rigs
What do SKP's do when they meet? They go some place to eat a meal, today a sandwich at Subway.
Sunset in Scadden Wash

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