Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quartzsite, AZ - Plomosa Road

Thursday, January 6, 2011
Quartzsite, Arizona 39 degrees mostly sunny to partly sunny and 60 degrees today.
Sunrise Scadden Wash
Buster got "paneled" three solar panels now 405 potential watts (22.2 amps) of 14 volts DC power to charge the five batteries in Buster. (To enlarge pictures; Click on picture to enlarge, click return button (<) on your browser to return to post).
Solar panels right side
Buster was back to Scadden Wash before 11 am. The other ranch hands had left Scadden Wash and went north to Parker, Blue Water Casino 34 miles. We moved Buster to Plomosa Road 14 day BLM free camp area five miles north of Quartzsite. We will be rallying here with the Escapees Elks Birds of a Feather chapter of Escapees, starting on the 18th.
Ranch Hands Rigs
After Buster got to his spot we left him and went to the Blue Water Casino and had lunch with our two ranch hand couples, John & Trudie T and Bob & Jean S. There was poor service in the buffet but the wait staff is tasked to bring drinks to the table. We waited so long for drinks Bob got up and got them for us. Latter the manager came and gave us a complementary meal one for each couple.
We all came out of the casino one at a time I was the first to leave not interested in playing, Bob S was next the Jean S then Trudie T and then John T. We then sat in our chairs in the parking lot by their rigs and had Happy Hour.
Back at Plomosa Road 14 day BLM free camp area we set Buster for the rally and deployed the jacks put out the slide outs and put up the TV antenna and captures this sunset today.
Plomosa Road Sunset

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