Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quartzsite, AZ - Plomosa Road 3

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quartzsite, Arizona 38 degrees mostly sunny to 60 degrees.

We went into Quartzsite for breakfast at an RV dealer, again. Part of the plan is water conservation, less dish washing. The water in Buster will last longer. The tank was filled Wednesday morning before leaving Gila Bend. Also the waist holding tanks were emptied there this leaves more water for our washing and toilet.
Quartzsite Vendor Area North of Kuhn Rd
After breakfast we walked another vendor area in town there are several then went to McDonald's for coffee and a potty break then another vendor in that area. Jean S called and said they were coming down from Parker I gave them directions to Buster's parking spot.

On our return drive to Buster Bob & Jean S were driving into Quartzsite later when they returned I getting my hair cut and watched some of the football game New Orleans against Seattle. Seattle Win.
Camel out front of a store
There is history in the area is of Hi Golly a camel driver of the eighteen hundreds who came to Arizona with camels that the US Army brought to move supplies across the desert. The program did not have the success desired and the camels were just released to fend for them selves.

We all went into Quartzsite for pizza at Silly Al's and the football game was on several TV's there also.
Later back at Buster we watched JETS Colts football game. George and Bob outside while Bonnie and Jean were inside watching Fox. At dark it got too cool for Bob outside and we all retired to our own rigs, good night. JETS Win.

Looking west to Dome Rock Mountains

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