Monday, January 31, 2011

Yuma, Arizona 7

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yuma, Arizona 45 degrees some clouds but changing to overcast during the day and winds picked up in the late afternoon into evening. Temperature went to a cool 65 with the gusty winds.
Ranch Hands at Bob's Rig
Kathy, Bob (sitting) John Bonnie (back) Trudie & Jean
I went into the casino for breakfast after eight this morning and that line that was there for dinner last night was still there, the breakfast line this morning surprised me. Well sometimes it does not take much to surprise me either. After breakfast "The Lakewood Crew", (George & Bonnie, Bob & Jean and John & Trudie) talked Kathy G she was on her way to do laundry.
Mike's Rig & Bob's Rig
After we returned from the Yuma indoor marketplace another "ranch hand" had arrived, Mike & Lamie E had come from Quartzsite. They had moved to another chapter area at the 99 mile marker, La Posa South BLM camping area.

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