Monday, March 25, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - Mar 23

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - 63 degrees foggy morning to 86 degrees and sunny.

Bonnie tried placing th MiFi in another place to "see" the repeater antenna better and the signal seams ro be more constant "steady" and not having to reboot the MiFi every so often.

After Bonnie got up I went into Pleasanton for drinking water, gasoline and shopping. On the way I made a stop at another gate guards place about four miles driving from our gate, Dan & Eileen they work for the same company. I heard of them from the fuel & water delivery person and that made my trip longer than I originally expected. Their gate is almost three miles further west than ours right on Franklin Ranch Road. I stopped there again on the way home as I made a purchase in Walmart for them.

The main dirt road "Franklin Ranch Road" was graded later in the week, the grader started working on Thursday morning as I was returning from San Antonio making it’s first cut. Today the six almost seven miles on Franklin Ranch Road was much better.

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