Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - May 17

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - 75 degrees partly sunny this morning to mostly sunny 95 degrees.

Saturday sunrise

The water and diesel fuel for the electric generator is scheduled for a weekly delivery and when we started in March, Thursday was our designated day of delivery. We experienced a gradual extension of delivery from the above to a Sunday delivery then a return to Thursday that lasted two weeks. Every week the delivery was extended a day there was a different explanation starting with the delivery’s could be seven to nine days between delivery’s. (Originally the seven to nine days between delivery’s between delivery’s was not given, Thursday is your day. Yes that sounds good but the excuses given for extending the delivery day used are lame (to me). The delivery’s are preformed by a another contractor. This week the story is a trailer breakdown last Friday and fixing on Monday then finishing last weeks delivery’s. Yes we received our delivery late in the day today. Bonnie was up early (noon ish) and went into Pleasanton for shopping but would not take the gargage so I will do that tomorrow.

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