Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - May 19

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fox Creek Gate Tilden, Texas - 76 degrees mostly sunny this morning to partly sunny 92 degrees.

Hazy Sunrise
I guess it is me worrying about the generator running out of diesel fuel thus no electric to operate the air conditioners in the afternoon heat. Our road is almost seven miles from the paved road then another mile plus down our road. The best I can say is we are off the beaten path and I must think that we are forgotten and the delivery passed us by. Water has been ok even using the washing machine, we seem to have enough supply in the black tank for ten days. Besides we have another one hundred gallons of water in buster’s water tank.

While getting the diesel and before putting in the water the driver and I leveled the trailer using a bottle jack that he had on his truck (leveling left to right) as the right side was low. The diesel tank fill port is on the right side of the white tank and the pump out on the left side. This made the low point on the right side and the fuel there could not be pumped out to the generator’s fuel tank. When the trailer was placed here it was midnight, I was asleep and not totally understanding so that is now corrected. My now experience as a gate guard I have a better idea as to how I want to be setup at the next location and what to look for.

Another thing about the off the beaten path, trucks given directions to another gate still come to our gate to make a delivery or do work at the ranch only they are at the wrong

ranch if they had continued on Franklin Ranch road another three miles they would have arrived at the correct location. This means they have driven over a mile of the worst road just to be turned around and drive that road again. I have read another blog where the rancher does not want these trucks turning around on his property, luckily our reacher does not have that idea and we do have the room at the gate for the big trucks to make a u-turn. As seen in the header picture there is also another ranch entrance and some drivers get confused which ranch to enter. Now if they come into this gate and the other ranch is where they need to be then it is easier to back out and enter the other ranch.

Some I have no idea where the rig they are looking for is located. Some drive right past the natural gas compressor facility just before our gate trying to deliver to the ranch when they need to be at the natural gas compressor facility. These it is a turn around and point them in the right direction.

It is starting off today a slow hot and windy morning then late morning the winds realy came up and I had to bring in the awnings. With the dust in the air and clouding up I did not feel the temperature.

Happy anniversary to us 48 years

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