Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas, Oct 4 - 5

Saturday, October 4, 2014
Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas, 60 Degrees wind 6 NE 75% humidity mostly sunny morning to 87 Degrees wind 12 SSE 39 % humidity sunny.

Settling in for a slow work weekend but there is football today Florida State hosting Wake Forest NASCAR this week is in Kansas. Plenty of television time for me during these slow vehicle traffic days

Sunday, October 5, 2014
Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas, 65 Degrees wind 5 SSE 90% humidity mostly sunny morning to 90 Degrees wind 12 gusting to 17 SSE 41% humidity sunny.

Today was football and NASCAR from Kansas but there were a few vehicles coming and going thru the “gate” a real exciting weekend.

There is a well site further down and across the paved road from our gate and another well site further east, that has a “frac” in progress. These sites are sending a “gager” person to our wells to check our well pressures several times a day (four or five on the busy days). These vehicles are my biggest traffic thru the gate. Today I have noticed the sand trucks passing our gate headed to the gates where the frac’s are taking place. I never counted them but passing our gate going in to the frac gates the trucks are noticeable but when unloaded if I am not watching (kind of over my left shoulder) I never see or hear them leaving, this is a dead end street. As far as is know there are three frac’s going on further down our paved road. 

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