Sunday, November 2, 2014

Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas, Nov 1 deer

Saturday November 1, 2014
Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas, 51 Degrees, wind 4 NNW & gusting to 8, humidity 86% partly sunny morning to 79 Degrees, wind 8 NNW & gusting to 10 humidity 39% sunny.
"No one is watching"

I will get one of these red fruit

We had another afternoon visit by our wildlife community, that family of three deer showed for the five o’clock dinner. One of the two young ones was picking the red fruit off the prickly pear bush.
Now I need to graze some

At that time the others had not arrived so he was feasting alone. After having the red fruit he moved into to cleared area the other two showed with the three grazing and then moving into the tree line after a while. The deer were about a half of an hour total from first to last sighting.

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