Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood, TX Nov 25

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood, TX Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Morning 42 Degrees, wind Variable, humidity 95%, mostly sunny.
Afternoon 65 Degrees, wind Variable, humidity 41%, mostly sunny.

Well this is an interesting day. Carole and Family headed out for a thanksgiving trip to visit friends. We were going to move Buster to a secret location in Austin and take care of their senior pets (three, two dogs and a cat). Buster was ready to move I started the engine and one of the two air systems had zero on the gage and the warning horn remained on. Plan B get Bonnie on pet duty and return to Buster to troubleshoot the problem.

When I started Buster’s engine, the air pressure in both systems was up but the horn was still sounding, ok locate the horn. Turn off the engine and try to find where the horn is installed, squish between the seat and the dashboard, turn the engine on the again listen, noise turn it off. I am stuck between the seat and the dashboard, took a while longer to wiggle out than the time to get in there and still did not locate the horn, it is right there but I am not touching it. Turn on the engine again the horn goes off after the key is released from the start, then comes on again and the air pressure is well above the sixty-seven psi threshold for turning off the horn, turn the engine off again. Try again the horn stays off, everything is working normal? Interment electrical problem?
Avery (the tall one) at martial arts Monday
Next is I need to call insurance about getting Tan Jan’s windshield replaced as Tan Jan took a rock at the top of the glass leaving a star then cracking from the drivers side to and descending to the passengers side. Insurance company made a four o’clock appointment at Safe Light glass, and they are almost to Round Rock, TX east side of I 35. What a nice difference new glass makes. Busy day running around.
Senior dogs

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