Thursday, November 13, 2014

Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas Nov 11 & 12

Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas - Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Morning 62 Degrees, wind 3 NE humidity 98%, cloudy foggy morning.
Afternoon 67 Degrees, wind 10 NNW & gusting to 18 humidity 47%, cloudy.

The fog burned off late morning and I could see the cold front coming south (dark cloud bank) as predicted by the weather talkers. Between trips out to let in vehicles late morning the temperature dropped enough for me to have a jacket on the next time out.

For this Gate it was an above average day of pickup trucks and oil tankers with the first oil tankers coming early at five o’clock. By early afternoon the traffic slowed down to the usual slow afternoon.

I have planning to do for our trip to Austin thanksgiving week and setting for our senior fur kids while our daughters family visits other family.

Busters Gate - Tilden, Texas - Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Morning 45 Degrees, wind 9 NNW  & gusting to 17  humidity 90%, partly cloudy.
Afternoon 53 Degrees, wind 10 NNW & gusting to 18 humidity 46%, partly cloudy.

Another above average day of gate traffic so I guess it is turning out to be a busy week for Bonnie and I. 

Tomorrow is our granddaughter’s birthday, Happy Birthday Ariana


Ariana & Bonnie


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