Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood, TX Nov 23 - 24


Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood, TX Sunday, November 23, 2014
Morning 52 Degrees, wind Variable humidity 99%, mostly sunny.
Afternoon 77 Degrees, wind Variable, humidity 61%, mostly sunny.

Boston College at Florida State, FSU was tied or leading the whole game as they scored the first touchdown in the game. Still a close win # 27 in a row and 11 - 0 this season.

A nice drying out day to me. Last night Bonnie and I had dinner with our daughter Carole, Avery and Jackie at Angle’s Ice House here in Spicewood. It was great after a rainy & busy day for all and we only had a six mile drive home to Buster.

A slow start for today we were early to bed last night and late to get up this morning with no gate to get on edge about for opening. We met up with Carole, Avery and Jackie later in the afternoon and had dinner together.

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood, TX Monday, November 24, 2014
Morning 45 Degrees, wind Variable, humidity 76%, mostly sunny.
Afternoon 64 Degrees, wind 8 NNW & gusting to 10 humidity 46% mostly sunny.

It was a run around day for Bonnie and I starting with going to the downtown post office where my mail package was located. It was there and we got position of that, great. While there I asked what the telephone number is there, yes the same I had, just that it is NOT answered.

From there we to several stores in town and then had lunch at Chuy’s (Mexican) then traveled to Buda, TX looking for RV twelve volt bulbs for the house (Buster). There just happens to be a Cabela’s there, Bonnie found a sweatshirt that she wanted. Gasoline $ 2.509 a gallon there, Saturday traveling in the rain we saw the gasoline price at $ 2.459 a gallon.

After Avery’ school we went with them to martial arts training, and pizza dinner.

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