Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - DEc 24 why

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Morning 38 Degrees, wind W 7, humidity 80%, partly sunny.

In early January of this year we out of the oil field gate a few days and went to an RV show in San Antonio for something to do, out with regular people. At the RV show there were new rigs with residential refrigerators and we were drooling over these rigs and refrigerators for size and cold temperatures. We finally realized we had what we had.

In late November we were reading in blog’s, current or up to date, of RV refrigerators failing and being replaced with residential refrigerators. This change was only requiring the small space adjustment to get a slightly taller (two and a half inches) unit into the space of a RV refrigerator. Further exploration I found blog’s two and four years old explaining this process of changing from RV to residential refrigerators. Wow if I had only known of this when out RV refrigerator failed us in the summer of 2013. Electric use was not that high and while traveling these RV’s were maintaining temperature good and recovered fast. Our present refrigerator required an over night to recover. We also always have a lot of moisture inside and it does not drain out properly. “Frost Free”, not at all “frost everywhere” is a better statement for RV refrigerators. Soft ice cream, cannot buy a half gallon container, as it will turn to liquid before it is finished unless completely eaten the same or next day.

While getting Buster repaired in early December, water leak and engine coolant tank, I inquired about the refrigerator change at the repair place. I was told yes they did that and were starting a change in a motorhome the next day. We went to Home Depot to “look” and found the residential refrigerators we read about in the blog’s on sale $500 off list price for $998. Our RV refrigerator, to replace would cost $4,100 just for the refrigerator.  So the cost of having “professionals” replace our refrigerator is still less than a New RV refrigerator.

Buster has four golf cart batteries, 2,000 watt inverter and we have solar panels on top 533 watts. I have an almost empty compartment behind the battery compartment (and some room for enlargement) but is too small width wise for two more batteries. Batteries are considered “storage”, I do not know if we will need the additional “storage” but we do use a large part of our “storage” when boondocking for television, computer and my c-pap machine. I will get an estimate to make the compartment large enough to get the two additional golf cart batteries and if not that expensive will get the compartment enlarged also. I will add the batteries later.

Next Monday Buster will be in San Antonio for the refrigerator change out.
Afternoon 60 Degrees, wind W 6, humidity 61%, partly sunny.

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