Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Dev 7 additional batteries

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Sunday, December 7, 2014
Morning 52 Degrees, wind 6 N, humidity 92%, partly cloudy. Lazy slow puttering around day. I even caught a nap in the late morning before football games. I was Checking Buster to add additional battery storage. The residential refrigerator will draw additional power from the battery bank when traveling or boondocking. Yes the generator can power the residential refrigerator and the solar panels can recharge the batteries but the extra storage will extend the time between generator starts. There is a compartment behind the house batteries that can be lengthen resulting in enough room to install two additional batteries.
House batteries and compartment for additional batteries

This addition will enlarging the battery capacity by fifty percent. This compartment just needs three inches more front to back, there is room for that additional needed space for the battery addition, behind the compartment is the engine air intake flex duct, with three inches to the box. When Texas RV Supply installs the refrigerator I will have them take a look and give me an estimate for enlarging that compartment. I can relocate the things stored there now, or throw them out.

Afternoon 64 Degrees, wind N at 8 MPH, humidity 51%, partly sunny. now it is football time.

on right flex duct for engine air 

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