Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Austin, TX - Sunset RV Park - Dec 1 repairs

Austin, TX - Sunset RV Park - Monday, December 1, 2014
Morning 53 degrees, wind 1 variable, humidity 70%, mostly cloudy.

Our Plan went from A to D in the late morning, after a nice weekend the front moved thru and cooled everything down, brr. Bonnie was up late Sunday night and I was planning to stay another night just to rest. The water leak by the refrigerator has come back and appears to be a pressure leak. To review water leak, low air pressure buzzer not shutting off, and the drivers sun shade will not retract up and stow. I called the repair dealer in San Antonio and they can take us (work on Buster) right away today. Ok plan D pack up head south ninety miles south. All this came since we left Tilden last Saturday.

Sunset RV Park
Texas RV Supply, San Antonio, Texas
Afternoon 44 Degrees, wind Variable, humidity 41%, partly sunny.
These people are good. They found the water leak right away in the outside compartment for the refrigerator, now get the rug dried out. The window shade decided to work, nothing wrong here move along. Going to go around Buster back inside the rig I notice the right outside rearview mirror is loose, and I did notice excessive movement driving the last twenty or more miles. That was taken care of right away.

Buster at Texas RV Supply
I have been reading another RV blog (Gypsy Journal) and they are having the refrigerator problem, control board and ammonia leaking and they are going to replace their refrigerator with a residential model. This is a size change with some reconstruction issue. It will delete the boondocking refrigerator operating by burning propane gas for cooling. We have already gone thru the control board and ammonia leaking and replaced both. But the refrigerator operation is not as good a cooling device compared to a residential compressor Freon unit. Refrigerator can not freeze or cool the refrigerator to acceptable temperatures in hot weather. We have to throw out milk and other food that is not cold enough.

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