Monday, December 15, 2014

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Dec 15 computer problems

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Sunday, December 14, 2014
Morning 61 Degrees, wind 6 N, humidity 97%, mostly cloudy and fog again.

Afternoon 79 degrees, wind Variable, humidity 57%, partly sunny.
Bonnie and I went into Pleasanton Walmart and H E B late in the afternoon warm and muggy, and starting to cloud up again. A nice day of NFL football.

Atascosa RV Park - Pleasanton, TX - Monday, December 15, 2014
Morning 60 Degrees, wind 6 SE, humidity 97%, mostly cloudy with lighter fog.
Computer problems, at first I was only using the mouse - and everything was ok. But when I started to use the key board different keys gave unusual response, p nothing, space bar there was a jump , e was five letters fgebt. I did not test every key but it was not good. At first I was thinking new computer and learning windows eight. Bonnie and I went to Office Max then Best Buy, (right next door to each other in southeast 
San Antonio) looking at computers that I do not want to buy at this time. When we called the guy over to ask questions in Best Buy he asked our problem and I explained it to him. His advise was a USB Keyboard, $ 11.36 out the door. Back at buster I plugged it into the USB hub and waited a few minutes to download the drivers to operate and you can see I am able to type. A little awkward with the extra keyboard but we are still using windows seven, thank goodness. 

Afternoon 79 Degrees, wind 7 NNW Variable, humidity 22%, mostly sunny