Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX Feb 2 - 3

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Morning 60 Degrees, Wind N 9 & gusting to 20 Mph, Humidity 30%, overcast.
Afternoon 72 degrees, Wind N 4 & gusting to 8 Mph, Humidity 38%, sunny.

My wife worked tonight came home to Buster for a short nap. We had a twelve-thirty appointment in San Antonio and arrived just after one o’clock, had to stop for gasoline, return with a full tank. Thursday I tried to extend the car rental another month and I could not do that because that would make it a lease vehicle. The system required me to turn in that car and rent another car. I explained that I could not be there before today and they were ok with that. Friday I made another reservation for today. Next time I will make the appointment for two o’clock to give my wife more sleep time. I originally thought this would be just me doing this as she needed her rest. But going to San Antonio without her was not her plan. There is other stores to walk and there are restaurants that need to be “inspected” for food quality (eatable) ha ha.
A new month already January flew by with the working and the off time spent getting things for the next work cycle.

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Morning 45 Degrees, Wind NNW 5 & gusting to 11 Mph, Humidity 61%, sunny.
Afternoon 58 Degrees, Wind N 2 & gusting to 7 Mph, Humidity 50%, sunny.  

Today was a stay home at Buster, rest day and getting domestic things done.

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