Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Feb 4 - 5

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Thursday, February 4, 2016
Morning 33 Degrees, Wind N 3 & gusting to 5 Mph, Humidity 75%, sunny.
Afternoon 58 Degrees, Wind NE 5 & gusting to 7 Mph, Humidity 52%, sunny.
We went to Victoria today and had lunch there BBQ Brisket ok not the best we have had. Gasoline $1.439

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Friday, February 5, 2016 
Morning 32 Degrees, Wind ENE variable & calm gusting to 1 Mph, Humidity 77%, sunny.
Afternoon 59 Degrees, Wind SSE 13 & gusting to 16 Mph, Humidity 50%, partly cloudy.  
Contacted the coordinator about the next gate assignment as these gates have not been very long (number of work days) as the work being performed does not require a move in type of gate guard. Our last gate closed while we were off and he had a Frac site night work for me only, two nights starting tonight. We went to the location checking the directions then the opposite direction to shop and get supplies.

Went to Kenedy for supplies and Gasoline $ 1.329 for Tan Jan I have been up since early this morning not knowing I was to work nights.
Sand trailer
Work tonight, busy Frac gate moving in with some sand trucks with the rest Frac equipment trucks (maybe fifteen), kept me busy so I did not have time to think about sleep. I was up early and laid down for a couple of hours.  

Frac Truck

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