Saturday, April 30, 2016

Busters Gate - garden City Texas - Apr 29

Busters Gate - garden City Texas - Friday, April 29, 2016
Morning 72 Degrees, Wind S 11 & gusting to 18 Mph, Humidity 83%, overcast.
Afternoon 85 Degrees, Wind W 16 & gusting to 24 Mph, Humidity 15%, sunny.

Before daylight we had a thunder storm move thru wetting everything but it did not last long and after daylight the sky’s cleared to a nice sunny sky and less wind. Well that lower wind speed did not last long but I was able to attach the sun screen to the windshield while the wind speed was low. As I said the rain made everything wet but it was not measurable. The wind did not stay down long and came back with plenty of gusts.

There were some of the Frac crew in setting up and bringing in more trucks. Latter in the afternoon and evening sand truck showed up at the gate two at a time. But we only had two at the site at a time. The work pad is small thus there is not the room for more than two sand trucks. In total it was a slow day for gate traffic coming and going.

after my wife got up from the sleep I made a quick run into Big Spring for the prescription that was ready for pick up.

One of the Frac trucks

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