Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Mar 29 - Apr 4

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Morning 62 Degrees, Wind E calm & gusting to 4 Mph, Humidity 94%, overcast.
Afternoon 74 Degrees, Wind ESE 5 & gusting to 7 Mph, Humidity 47%, overcast.

We took our time getting ready today for our trip to Pleasanton as it is a short trip. Only seventy-five miles on state roads (skinny roads, two lane with small shoulders) taking our time. Stopped in Floresville for diesel fuel same price as gasoline $ 1.799 per gallon. There was a time when the price between gasoline and diesel was eighty cents higher for diesel. This price for diesel is the lowest I have paid for diesel going into  Buster.
Our trip went well and we got setup in the site we were assigned with no problems.

We were preparing to go into Pleasanton for some groceries when my telephone rang answering it was work coming to us. We have a gate on April eighth in west Texas southwest of Big Spring. We will start traveling there next Tuesday.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Friday, April 1, 2016
Morning 55 Degrees, Wind NE 7 & gusting to 9 Mph, Humidity 18%, mostly cloudy.
Afternoon 70 Degrees, Wind NE 13 & gusting to 19 Mph, Humidity 18%, mostly cloudy.
A front moved thru here early this morning wind and rain while north into the San Antonio aria there was hail storm. With yesterday being a warm day today is much cooler. Crazy spring weather. Cooler and blowing all day. WE were going to go into San Antonio today but the wind canceled that plan.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Monday, April 4, 2016
Morning 45 Degrees, Wind W variable & calm & gusting to 1 Mph, Humidity 81%, sunny.
Afternoon 85 Degrees, Wind W 1 & gusting to 3 Mph, Humidity 10%, sunny.
We are finished here in Pleasanton for a while, moving to West Texas tomorrow. I had a visit with the doctor in the past week, blood work for A1C. We have been hanging out piddling around doing small projects while here in Pleasanton.

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