Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holly Springs, North Carolina - birthday cake

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holly Springs, North Carolina 37 degrees and rain to 50 degrees and partly sunny. It started raining during the night, heavy for a while then only a drizzle.

Early out today ten to noon to go Roller skating in Cary, NC all except Jackie, Cindy and I had skates on as we were the chickens. After that we had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes then to the park to wear down the children’s energy. After dinner it was Mexican train and football on the television, college bowl games.

Doing the Hokie Pokie


Zane ans Avery at lunch

Avery Zane Ariana & Cindy

After dinner we had ice cream cake for Avery’s birthday that is the sixth of January, the first birthday celebration for the children together.

Zane Avery and Carole


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