Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Singing Hills RV Park - Cave City, KY - Mommoth Cave

Monday, December 3, 2012
Singing Hills RV Park - Cave City, Kentucky 62 degrees and cloudy to 72 degrees and mostly sunny.

We took the historic tour two hours two miles a small group with a Ranger Charlie.

Ranger Charlie leading us into the cave entrance

During the tour I noticed there was a fellow tourist by himself, and we had mentioned to the ranger we were full time RVers during the walk. At the end of the tour the fellow tourist by himself introduced himself as a fellow RVer, but his wife did not take the tour we met her up at the visitors center and talked a bit and parted. We elected to go to McDonald’s for lunch and who do you think we met our fellow tourists and talked some more RVing.

The tour was great and Ranger Charlie was excellent guide.
In the beginning the cave exploited for the gun powder needed for the war of 1812 after that the cave has brought tourists and explorers .

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