Monday, December 24, 2012

Holly Springs, North Carolina - sat - sun

Saturday, December 22, 2012
Holly Springs, North Carolina 35 degrees and partly sunny, to 50 degrees and mostly sunny.

Today I started trip planning for our Florida journey in January expecting two or three overnight stops.

Then stopped that and assembled a (TV) furniture cabinet for Christine and john while they were preparing for Christmas eve evening meal. Then off to Cary looking for a Television.

Then after dinner it was driving to Cindy’s giving her some cough syrup and our looking at Christmas light displays. Christine and I sat in the back with John driving and Bonnie navigating and the kids in the middle watching a video and the lights. The mini van is the station wagon of the present.

Sunday, December 23, 2012
Holly Springs, North Carolina 27 degrees and partly cloudy, to 55 degrees and partly sunny.

Early this morning John and I went to his friends Thomas’s house to help replace a door frame with a single door and a fixed panel to a French doors. The original was rotted and needed changing and Thomas was upgrading to the two moving doors. Well the job got extra difficult with having to remove a tight fitting assembly and then the replacement special order "French doors" were tighter trying to install. With these wedged partly in place, the second set of hinges were found missing.

Turns out the new door set was the same only the fixed panel was on the other side and this was a special order from Home Depot. Well now we go to reinstall the original door frame that was tight coming out and we cannot get it back in place. Well we ended up cutting the top house frame two by four out and trimming it down a half of an inch. Now the door jams fit in easy. Resizing the opening is the only accomplishment for the day’s work. Now let us watch some football for the rest of the day.


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